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A festive opportunity for organics

Date Published: 01/12/2008

Prophecies that Christmas might as well be canceled for retailers may be overblown, according to this report from FMCG (that’s Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) News.

While the piece is riddled with marketing speak, as you would expect from this specialist publication, the underlying message is that if you position your product right you could be on to a winner. It seems that the way to do that is to really connect with the mood of the consumer – what do they want from Christmas this year? The piece talks about folk looking for a more worthwhile, traditional and family-oriented yule. Can you see a place for organics in that? I can.

Savvy marketers in the organic sector should be able to latch on to this if they move quickly. If the idea chimes with you, take a close look at any advertising you have planned in the next couple of weeks. Could it be tweaked to be more relevant and appealing. Do your website messages need updating? Can you squeeze an editorial piece out of what your product has to offer by doing a news release focusing on ‘the organic Christmas’ and send it to your relevant newspapers?

Organics has a job to do in the current climate to keep customers understanding why they are sometimes putting their hands that bit deeper into their pockets. Let’s raise the game and get a good result.

Reports I’m getting from online retailers are positive. One talked of a completely flat November, but come the start of December the orders are coming back in. Christmas is not dead for retail, but a bit of first aid might not hurt…