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Is it a cow? Is it a stone? No it’s Fridgehenge!

Date Published: 24/09/2009

A bit of fun has been had this week by organic milk cooperative, OMSCo, which has erected a tribute to Stonehenge –  made out of refrigerators painted to look like cows.

It’s a nice stunt to raise the profile of organic milk and give OMSCo a platform to promote its benefits. The move has generated quite a bit of press interest and must surely be a-moo-sing (sorry!) motorists on the A303 at Encie, in Somerset.

Particularly of interest to us though, was the fact that it’s on OF&G licensee Robert Foote’s land and this piece done by the BBC has given Mr Foote a lovely opportunity to spell out what difference being organic has made to his farm and his farming practises.

He points out that the use of natural fertilisers on the land has proved to be far more efficient than artificial alternatives and gives a pretty upbeat assessment of the current organic farming landscape from where he stands.

If you want to see the creation in place you’ll have to get your skates on – it’s only there until September 29.